Interview between Moamen ELMASRY, our CEO and the presenter Stéphane ROMANYSZYN

Dive into the exclusive interview between the CEO of YVEA, Moamen ELMASRY, and Stéphane ROMANYSZYN, Presenter of Investor.TV and CEO of Discover the great ambitions we have for Yvea.

Exclusive interview with Moamen ELMASRY, CEO of YVEA

We are proud to present our business and how we are revolutionizing logistics for our customers. At Yvea, our core business is to want to simplify the administrative management of companies that export (whether nationally or internationally) through innovative solutions linked to artificial intelligence. With our approach that focuses on automation, AI, and human hybrid support, we offer tools that free up time and resources so our customers can focus on what matters most.

Current Focus: Development of the African and Middle East Market

Currently, Yvea is focused on simplifying logistics operations for French companies looking to export to Africa and the Middle East. We have established a solid presence in these regions. We help our customers understand and navigate the complex processes of Pre-verification of conformity of goods (PVoC). This step is critical to ensure compliance with local standards, which is critical to succeeding in these foreign markets.

Three types of subscriptions adapted to the needs of each business

We are constantly striving to adapt our services to the specific needs of each company, offering flexible and efficient logistics solutions. Currently, our range of subscriptions focuses on the Freemium offer, with paid options available to already be able to meet certain needs and save companies time in their administrative management.

The Freemium Offer

Our Freemium subscription is designed to offer timely logistical assistance to businesses that need it. Whether for a single shipment or for temporary needs, this option allows companies to test our services at first without having to make a long-term commitment.

Premium membership coming in early summer

We are happy to announce that the Premium subscription will be available soon, expected to be launched in a few months, at the latest at the beginning of summer. This offer will provide companies with proactive and automated management of their supply chain with advanced functionalities.

The Platinium Offer to Come at the End of 2024

In addition, we intend to launch the Platinium offer, a very complete offer, by the end of 2024. This option will allow companies to fully delegate their logistics management tasks to Yvea, offering a personalized level of service to meet their most demanding needs.

The Marketplace: Privileged access to complementary quality logistics services thanks to our partners

We always seek to offer our customers maximum added value. This is why we are launching our Marketplace, a platform bringing together a selection of quality logistics services from our partners, negotiated at consistently rates. By acting as a broker, we position ourselves as an intermediary to meet the complementary needs of our customers in terms of transport, logistics and supply chain.

A competitive advantage for our subscribed customers

This initiative aims to provide an additional competitive advantage to our subscribed customers. They will have access to our Marketplace and they will be able to find all the complementary logistics services they want at preferential rates. The prices will of course be different depending on the type of subscription chosen, thus offering flexibility adapted to the needs of each company.

Becoming a global player in the centralization of administrative logistics services

Our vision in the future is to become a global player in the centralization of existing services in the field of logistics, transport and supply chain. By bringing together a selection of quality service providers on our Marketplace, we offer our customers the ability to find everything they need in one place. This not only simplifies the process of finding and selecting suppliers, but also allows our customers to benefit from negotiated rates and a guarantee of the quality offered.

Looking for funding to grow very quickly on a global scale

Finally, as our CEO explains very well, at this stage of the interview, we were considering raising 200,000 euros in funds for 10% of Yvea's capital. But things are changing rapidly lately! Meeting new people and having become aware of certain elements, we now want to start looking for a 1 million euro fundraiser to be able to become a unicorn of and develop very quickly.

So keep an eye on that.

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Interview between Moamen ELMASRY, our CEO and the presenter Stéphane ROMANYSZYN